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White Knuckles

“You were white knuckles, but it wears you down. Hold on hold on!” Like so many songs by bands that Blair Sheehan has fronted, I’m in from line one. Even though I heard this song years before it’s lyrics really took hold of me, the song was a favorite from the first listening. We’re all holding onto something. Often it’s too tight. We’re white knuckled and it’s not good for us but we persist. Usually because we’re invested in the sunk cost. We’ve held on for this long and to let go now means more than it would have earlier. However, we can’t go back to when we should have truly let go. It’s a downward spiral. So now what?!?!

Most likely, the answer is let go. The things that are meant for us and are truly important usually have a hold on us as much as we are holding onto them. Like an embrace or interlaced hands, there usually isn’t a struggle because holder and the held are both invested. The white knuckle situation is a struggle and it’s evident. Often this expression is used with vehicles that cause passengers to hold on too tight out of fear. That’s usually what causes the extremes of the human experience, fear. Fear of the unknown. That thing that we’re holding onto may not be good but it’s known. Therefore it is better than the fearful alternative. Or is it?

We can only do what we can do in this life. With all of the advances that humans have made in recent centuries, we may want to believe that we can control everything. We can’t! Especially when dealing with other humans. So hold onto those things that are important, for sure. But perhaps it’s time to release the things that are causing the white knuckles. Believe in the possibility of better things coming your way. This world is filled with almost infinite possibilities. It’s very unlikely that this thing is the end all and be all of human existence. Once freed, your open hand may just find another that’s reaching out.

“Get in or get out, and stop waiting around!” – Racquet Club


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