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Better Tomorrow

Amazon and lots of things like it have completely messed us up! We can get that thing that we want and often it will show up tomorrow! That’s amazing but not pervasive. For thousands of years and for many specific portions of life, that’s not how the system works. Yet we’ve become accustomed to it at a level that may not serve us. Each of us has problems, challenges, issues or conflicts and for the vast majority of them, they’re not going to be “Better Tomorrow”. The solution or resolution is probably not coming via overnight shipping. It will take longer.

Despite the fact that this may be frustrating to the impatient, it’s not a reason to lose heart. Our perfect solution is probably not on its way but that shouldn’t be the focus. The incremental improvements that built most of our society still suffice if we don’t discount them. Most upsets are caused by a mismatch of expectations. So when the real world doesn’t meet the speed of the internet, it can be frustrating to those who expect it all now. The focus needs to be put on making tomorrow better rather than making everything better tomorrow.

Yes! It’s a small semantic shift but a powerful one if used properly. People want it all right now but in the time that they spend complaining and lamenting; they could be progressing and refining. The struggles of life are real! No doubt about it! However, the tried and true method of breaking problems down into smaller chunks is real as well. That incremental progress of making tomorrow better is powerful when it becomes a habit. Choosing it is far more practical than lamenting the lack of instantaneous perfection.

So make tomorrow better! And do it again! And again! Then eventually that problem that stifled you will be better tomorrow but the process is what got you there, not the perfection!

See you tomorrow!


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