Clap 2“Pete is a role model for players and coaches alike. For over a decade I have watched as he has helped players, coaches and teams find the qualities within themselves to achieve greatness. His extensive knowledge and experience as a coach both of sport and of life shines through in each and every one of his presentations. Working with Pete will help any coach better understand his role in assisting in the development of great players and more importantly outstanding human beings.” – Anson Smith (Owner – SoccerSmith Training, Head Coach – Hunterdon Central HS, Member – United Soccer Coaches Advocacy Council)  


“Soccer Life Balance – I have the ‘just get on with it’ attitude/skeptical of self-help and development but I found the book easy to relate to soccer and me as a coach.  Enjoyable, short, sharp read which is worth the time.  As a soccer person trying to learn as much as I can and develop myself further, I think Soccer Life Balance is something that I need to do better!” -Alan McClintock (Assistant Coach FC Motown & Drew University, Director of Youth Development)

“Pete Huryk’s book, Fill Your Boots is a perfect fit  for any teenage soccer player. Huryk’s advice is relevant and poignant – a manual for teenage boys learning to become men. All anecdotes are memorable and all lessons are accessible.  A powerful blend of narrative and insight. A perfect book for any player looking to get an edge in high school sports.
‘Fill Your Boots’ is a quality read for any footballer.  The book provides a model for success, nicely supplementing an adolescent males growth in the game and life.  The book helps with challenges a footballer may face teaching life lessons and guiding them through difficult times.” -Evan Weller (Head Soccer Coach Phillipsburg High School)

  • “it was motivational” -9th Grader
  • “I really liked how you interacted with the class and kept everyone interested” -9th Grader
  • “Was a very good presentation and I never thought about some of the things in the way you explained it.” -9th Grader
  • “You are amazing at influencing” -9th Grader
  • “I really liked the presentation. I would even go as far saying it may have giving me a better insight on my life by helping me look at the positives in it and not the negatives.” -9th Grader
  • “I think Mr. Huryk is really funny and I like the way he puts his own past into his presentation :)” -9th Grader
  • “I thought it went really well and I loved all the examples you used. I think this is a great presentation for anyone.” -9th Grader


“Pete is Pete, and Pete lives in Pete World.  Now I know that might not make a ton of sense right now, but let me explain.  During the course of the past year, Pete has let me into Pete World, where he speaks of how to take control of your life by making positive choices and decisions as well as recognizing your talents and doing something great with them.  And the best part about that greatness, is that we get to set it ourselves….no one else will do it for us.  He has a way of making everything you’re afraid to admit to yourself, come alive and not seem so daunting.  Not only does Pete World run on high energy and laughter, but also expectations.  He has a peculiar way of expecting the greatness you carry within yourself to rise out of the shadows by telling it “like it is,” yet in such a way that makes it impossible to not listen and feel empowered to never sulk in the shadows again.  Even though I have a supportive family, talking to Pete helped in ways that talking to those to which you think feel obligated to say uplifting things is in their DNA, could not.  I will forever be grateful for our talks and forever changed by them as well.  Through talking with Pete you start to realize things about yourself that you either never knew or never wanted to admit and then you find yourself building your own world, and this is what is so great about Pete.  He makes your world sound amazing.  Pete is Pete, and Pete lives in Pete World.  But after talking to Pete…You is You, and You live in Your World.”

-Kayla Teeling


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