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The focus of Soccer Life Balance is to help you become a better player and better person by answering your questions and interviewing influential people with insights to take you from where you are to where you want to be.  Submit questions to  Thanks for listening!

Podcast Episode 8 – Peter Loge (Author – Soccer Thinking for Management Success)PeterLogePhoto

Podcast Episode 7 – Donna Fishter (Leadership Coach and Team Architect)donna fishter consulting

Podcast Episode 6 – Brian White (Forward for New York Red Bulls)bwhite

Podcast Episode 5 – Brad Nein (Owner of Sweet Feet/Blogger at Educated Coaches)bradneinphoto

Podcast Episode 4 – Evan Weller (Head Coach at Phillipsburg High School, NJ)Evan Weller

Podcast Episode 3 – Anson Smith (Head Coach at Hunterdon Central High School, NJ)Anson

You Know The Drill Episode 3 (Zingale Dribbling)

You Know The Drill Episode 2 (English)

You Know The Drill Episode 2  (en español)

You Know The Drill Episode 1