Pete Huryk is THAT GUY who you’ve never heard of before.  The reason being is that he flies under the radar and has for almost twenty years.  Quietly and slowly impacting the lives of hundreds of young people.  It’s easy to fly under the radar because nothing about him is flashy.  He’s not trying to stand out but rather SPEAK UP!  Speak up for the things that are not sexy but extremely necessary in this world: self-belief, work ethic, principles and so much more.  As a speaker and coach, he looks to get the best out of people through actionable techniques to incrementally improve toward your best self.  If you’re looking for a flashy, quick fix, LOOK ELSEWHERE!  If you’re looking for results, Pete just might be your guy.

As a long time soccer coach, teacher, author and blogger; Pete has always been interested in better performance for those in his charge.  Most recently in his book, “Soccer Life Balance” he has broken a process down into actionable steps.  For almost twenty years he has been coaching soccer at the high school and college levels.  Although soccer permeates most of what he does, he is in essence a teacher.  At all times he is looking to help the people in front of him move forward and grow.

Like what you just read?  Reach out and start a conversation around your particular needs.  Contact Pete!


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