Hire Pete!


I might not be for you!  That statement is not meant to be rude or obnoxious or show any type of conceit.  It is just a plain fact.  I am not for everyone.  So who am I for?  If you meet at least three of the criteria below, I might be for you.

  • You’re a young person.
  • You’re a soccer player.
  • You’re interested in improving your or someone else’s life.
  • You need a coach.
  • You need a mentor.
  • You’re looking for a speaker.
  • You can’t stand being average any longer.
  • You’re having difficulty in school, at home, at work or in life.
  • You live in Virginia or are willing to travel there or pay for me to come to you or meet online.

If you’ve gotten this far then this might be a fit.  The best way for us to find out is to have a conversation.   Fill out the CONTACT FORM below, so we can get started.  Progress happens by choice, not by chance.

Individual Mentoring – If you are looking for someone to help you to the next level in soccer and/or life, then Pete might be the coach that you are looking for.  Contact us in order to start the process.

Keynote Speaker – If you are looking for an energetic speaker with relevant strategies to help the teens of your school, club or organization; look no further!  Contact us through the form below in order to discuss your particular needs.  (My Own Hero Video)

Team Consulting – Looking to take your team to the next level on and off the field?  Pete will meet with your team every two weeks to help create a plan for personal and group success in sport and in life.  Fill out the form below to start the process.