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Arrows to the Action

It’s one of two songs that I would consider my “theme song”. Since it has been around longer, I tend to give it deference. It also is a great song to encounter on a playlist during a long run when you need a boost… but I digress. Although I’m sure there would be some who would disagree, I like to think it congruent with who I am as a person. Prone toward doing. While I view it as a positive, it’s not arrows to “right” action. Just action. Therefore mistakes are made, possibly more than my fair share. It’s a source of tension between me and…. myself! Despite the fact that I love my willingness to get my hands dirty, pitch in or step up, I end up with some egg on my face and that’s uncomfortable. No one wants to look the fool, especially when you have nothing but good intentions.

Anyone who has read my blog for a while knows that more than anything, I’m talking to myself and just hope it helps someone else through my publishing it. Much less than any other recent blog do I have any definitive thoughts than I’m just talking out loud. I want to continue to to do, to act, to say, to relate the things that I think are right. Yet the world often disagrees with me or the results aren’t what I would have hoped. Since we are always dealing with an incomplete data set, action is always a gamble. Yet it is necessary. Being paralyzed by the consequences is the true embarrassment. I’m never seeking poor results, just not afraid of them. My theme song isn’t Arrow to the Failure. Being raised catholic, the part of repentance that said “the things that I have left undone” always bothered me more than things I had done. At least the things that I had done, I knew the result and could feel badly about it or not. The things left undone were a variable, a floating possibility of results. At least if the action is out there, you know.

So despite the possible egg on the face, I think that I shall persist. “We are always over anxious…..We are arrows to the action, it never happens the way I think it should!” My only hope is that I get better with time in finding the right actions. I don’t want to mess any of this up but since I only get one shot at this, I might as well take it.

I’m amazed how perfectly we match today!”



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