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Time Wasting

It’s a pretty typical thing in several sports but soccer is a most interesting example. The end of a close game creates the juxtaposition of the leading team trying to do all that they can to waste time, while the trailing team wants to maximize time. Despite the fact that this equation should be evident, all too often trailing teams act outside of their own self-interest. They inadvertently waste time due to their elevated emotion. An unnecessary foul, a ball kicked too far out of play, arguing with the referee, etc. These all represent actions outside of the trailing teams interest but they happen regularly. Leads are also given away for the opposite reason. A leading team doesn’t realize that time is on their side. The clock is running out and their advantage needs to be protected, not squandered.

The game of life has no definitive score card. The idea of leading or trailing is completely subjective. Time on the other hand is mostly subjective. My reason for saying mostly is that our perception of time varies despite it being a constant. Regardless of the subjectivity of the “score” of life, it is something that can be felt from time to time. Those moments when everything feels right with the world. We are coasting and time is not an issue. As opposed with soccer, we’d love for these periods to last as long as possible. Basking in the positive rewards of that fleeting moment. The reverse perspective is when nothing is going right and we just want it to end. Time cannot go quick enough and in all honesty we’d probably love to be able to fast forward to a better time. We’ve all gone through both. There is nothing overly unique about either situation other than the personal details. More times like these are on their way and less memorable ones as well. The only suggestion that I have is, don’t waste them!

Time wasting is a thing in soccer and other sports because it is a finite game. There is a result usually with a winner or loser. Life on the other hand is not meant to be won or lost, it’s meant to be lived! Each moment has value. Whether or not you value it is up to you! If you’re always looking forward to the next thing or longing for times past, you’re missing out on something. Be here now! Damnit! Didn’t want to quote Oasis but oh well. Your life is too precious to phone it in. So don’t engage in time wasting! Stop reading this blog and take in where you are, who you, what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Then decide if you’re time wasting or actually living that life that you want. Not every moment needs to be big but you should be a big part of every moment.

Can’t lament the wasted years anymore!



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