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The Role of a Lifetime!

I got it! Most people would view it as a secondary or even tertiary role but it fits me down to the core! Despite being characterized as an “everyman,” he has depth. The writer throws so many plot twists at him that I’m not sure if the work is a drama or a comedy. Regardless, I couldn’t be more excited. If I’m being honest, I didn’t always love the idea of playing this role but it has grown on me. Anything would after almost forty-seven years. I’m not playing the milkman, Howie Newsome, in my school’s production of Our Town. It’s me. The role that I get to play to the best of my ability is Pete Huryk.

While the role itself is exciting, the working conditions are difficult. There’s no dress rehearsal. Everyone’s lines are ad-libbed. Many of my favorite characters have left the production for one reason or another. As I sit here writing, I’m a little worried that pesky writer has more plot twists coming my way that I never seem to anticipate. Regardless, I love it! Out of all of the parts in the world, this is the one that I want to be playing.

Full disclosure, I don’t always feel like this. There are days when I’m not happy about it. The situations that I encounter are less than favorable and my co-stars don’t feel like they’re on the same page. For whatever reason, today was a great example of acting like Pete to the best of my ability felt amazing. Tomorrow I’m going to try to do the same, if you could make the matinee that would be awesome! Regardless of whether there’s an audience or not, I try to stay in character…method acting, you know!

I’m sorry if I’m the first one to tell you that you’re not getting another part in this play that we call life. Billy Shakes is not penning perfection for you from the other side. This is who you are and your job is to develop that character as best as you can. It won’t always be easy and you won’t always want to do it. But you have no choice, the show must go on and we need you in it. Not just “in it” but “IN IT.” We need the performance of a lifetime to match the role of a lifetime that you were given. Because for better or worse, the lifetime that I’m talking about is yours or mine. It’s all we get. No dress rehearsal. No understudies. It’s just you and the revolving globe theater!

The curtain is already up!



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