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Take the Compliment!

This just came in today. USA Triathlon just let me know that I qualified for Nationals. I have to admit that I laughed when I saw it. This past January I took on triathlons as my preferred exercise regiment because it gave me two things that I needed. First, there was a competition component to it. Second, it took a lot of pressure off of my knees because two thirds of the training is non-impact. I’m not a triathlete! I’m basically a guy who wanted to get fit again and needed a better way to do it. Many months later, I’ve competed in four triathlons (sprint distance) and qualified for Nationals. My initial reaction is to discount it!

This may be a ME problem but I doubt it. The dismissal of my own accomplishments is so easy to do because they’re mine. I know exactly how hard I worked but I also know who I am. Behind these blogposts is a flawed human being just like everyone else. I oversleep at times. I overeat at times. I procrastinate. I leave goals and projects undone. And I know that I could do better with every single facet of my life. So I deserve no credit! WHOA! Hold your horses there! No credit? Not even a little? That seems pretty extreme! It is but that’s the way that I tend to think and it’s probably counterproductive.

The problem that I and others out there have is one of the self. Adding me to the equation reduces the accomplishment slightly. Hogwash! The accomplishment exists as an objective thing. If it were someone else who had done it, I would be giving them a high five or a pat on the back. Why not give myself the same? Am I going to reduce my drive? Or rest on my laurels? Probably not. More than likely it will just feel good for a bit and I’ll move on. No ticker tape parade. Just a bit of serotonin!

Although I doubt very heavily that I’ll go to Nationals, I’m going to take the compliment. It may just be a ploy to get some more money from me but I also worked pretty hard to get in shape. Feeling good about that should be completely acceptable.

Plaudits and congratulations are not just for other people! You should be able to take them too. Remember that the next time that you deflect warranted praise. Don’t get an ego. Don’t overindulge but feel good for the moment. Then step up for the next challenge.

Great job!



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