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Who saves the hero?

In the 1978 movie Superman, Lex Luther’s lackey Miss Teschmacher saves the Man of Steel from certain death as he almost drowns with a kryptonite necklace weighing him down. She sneaks a kiss before releasing him from the kryptonite’s dark power because she knows it’s not going to happen later. A relatively minor character with a soiled past takes an opportunity to save an almost invincible superhero. Certainly it’s a movie but often truth is stranger than fiction.

Most of us are not running around with a cape or a utility belt filled with gadgets. It can get a little uncertain who the real heroes are. With Superman and Miss Teschmacher, the equation is simple overall but in that moment she gets to be the hero. A moment of generosity and caring when it really mattered flipped the script on who she was. That’s the opportunity that we all have.

Each and every day we walk past would be heroes. There are people with greatness lying dormant within them. They are weighed down by their own form of kryptonite. Drowning in tears of the past or fears for the future. Perhaps, you could help to save them. I say help because we are all at least partially responsible for saving ourselves. But with the right word, right action, right support, just maybe, the kryptonite could be lifted from their neck long enough to get their bearings. They may not notice you or thank you but it might just be enough.

Superman is the hero because he consistently does the right thing. Miss Teschmacher has no ability to fly but she has the ability to choose. She could choose from that moment forward to do the right thing. Capeless but no less a hero. Since Halloween is over, your standard clothes will have to suffice as you go out into the world. Movember is upon us. A kind word or a quick check in may be all that it takes to save a hero that could save another!

It’s bird! No! It’s a plain old person doing what’s right!


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