Isaac Newton Was Right About Apples, Not Humans

Newton’s laws changed the way that people look at the world. It became more predictable and less reliant upon superstition and deities to explain why things happened. Despite his brilliance, Newton’s laws do not explain everything. In his third law, Newton describes that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. While this may hold true for the natural world in many instances, people have the ability to buck this trend.

Humans are just that, HUMAN! We have our foibles and shortcomings. It would be easy enough to use Newton’s law as a justification for a lot of bad behavior. Any negative situation could be met with retaliation. It’s happened more than enough throughout history to believe that it is the way of things. However, one of the things that makes us human as well is CHOICE! There is always a moment between the action and reaction where a self-aware human can choose. It’s not always easy! The more primitive and instinctual part of our brain can short-circuit rational thought. Despite this fact, the choice is there. Reactions do not need to be equal nor opposite. They can be completely disconnected from the initial action. That is how we got here! Not everyone who lost an eye took an eye and so on. All those who have been hurt have felt the need to hurt.

So as you go through your day, CHOOSE! I’m not saying that there aren’t times to react negatively, there are. However, it should be a choice rather than a mindless reaction. Our time on this planet is short. Our choices make us who we are.

Choose wisely!


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