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You Are World Class

At one point, Larry Bird was a world class basketball players. Despite his age and present club situation, Ronaldo is still a world class soccer player. Tom Bilyeu is a world class speaker. And all of them are world class in at least one other area. The other one came for free and everyone gets it.

The one thing that you, I and everyone else is world class at is being themselves. It’s the free pass that we all get! It’s guaranteed! As soon as you come out of the womb, no one is going to be as good at being you, as you are. Even when you mess it up, you’re still getting it right better than anyone. It’s something to hang your hat on for sure but it’s not everything. Things that come cheaply are not usually held in high esteem. So the idea behind this revelation is not to rest on your laurels. Do not be satisfied with that foundation. Expand upon it! Being you isn’t hard and being someone else is impossible. Take the tools that you have and run with them. Be the best you on your own terms and some that are valuable to your interaction with the world.

Many people want to run to the crowded spaces in order to gain their world class status. The problem is that math is against them. You’re world class at being you because there is exactly one of you. If you want to be the best basketball player in the world, there is plenty of competition. Being the best kazoo player is less crowded but do you care enough about the kazoo to do it? The first step is to fall head over heals in love with the idea of being you. After that, take it wherever you can. The road to world class in anything but you is difficult and crowded. So don’t get discouraged if you never get there. The journey is worth just as much as the destination or possibly more. More than likely the destination is fleeting. So pursue something and do your best to enjoy all of the spoils that come from being a world class you!

You’re the best!


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