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It’s NOT a Problem…

Arnold Schwarzenegger has had many classic lines come through in his Austrian accent. Probably the most famous would be the menacing “I’ll be back!” from Terminator. Despite that fame, his most comedic is “It’s not a tumor!” The combine ingredients of the accent, his size and kids talking about him having a tumor make for a special moment. Kindergarten Cop was the first time that I saw Arnold take on a comedic role and he did it well.

Each of us plays a role in our own lives, the main character! We’re also the main script writer. The ingredients to each scene are not fully in our control. However once the elements show up, it’s our job to do something with it! If the Terminator version of Arnold showed up in Kindergarten Cop, there would just be lots of dead kids. A different version of the man was written into the script though. He may have been type cast but he broke that type! We each have that opportunity too. We don’t have to keep playing the same role over and over. It’s possible to flip the script!

It’s not a problem! It’s an opportunity! Arnold had no alternative to the diagnosis of the kids. It was either a tumor or it wasn’t. As you go through your day, you’ve got thousands of options but one of the biggest script changes you can make is changing problems to opportunities. That’s usually what they are anyway. All of the things that people told Arnold were “problems” with him being a leading man became opportunities. His size, accent and robotic mannerisms all served him as he developed into the superstar that he became.

It’s not a problem! It’s an opportunity!


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