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The Best of Both Worlds

Peter Diamandis, author and CEO of multiple companies has developed a set of rules that fly in the face of “Murphy’s Law” that he calls “Peter’s Laws”. One of my favorites is “when given an option, take both.” It’s contrary to our relatively limited thinking but that is exactly the point. Our minds have been trained in a multitude of ways. From what we expect our lives to look like on a daily basis to the things that are possible. Possibility is something that we struggle with as humans. We know what we know and don’t what we don’t. Therefore we hedge our bets. Take one of the options and run with it because it’s all we can expect.

What if our training was all wrong? What if Van Halen were right to want the “best of both worlds”? It’s worth at least the consideration of a moment. In a world where you can talk to someone on the other side of the planet in an instant is it so ridiculous to consider that you could have more. Whatever that is for you. I recognize the need for gratitude and humility. They have their place and need to be employed to balance desire. However, a single celled organism that waits for food to run into it will surely die. It needs to reach out into the world to find what it’s looking for. And maybe that’s the point. The best of both worlds may not be going for everything but rather being thankful for what you have while going for what you want. Perhaps that’s the heaven here on earth that Mr. Hagar was talking about.

So be thankful. You have things in your life that you should be grateful for and hang onto. At the same time, your life is not limited to the known. This world has so much to offer and a lot of it is within your reach. “Something reached out and touched me!” Now it’s your turn to reach out!

Take both!


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