Wash Your Face Before Your Ass

FACEAs one of my first jobs “adult” jobs, I was a pizza delivery guy.  It was great in so many ways.  Six dollars per hour under the table plus tips was pretty good pay for a young man.  When things got slow, I was also in charge of washing dishes or cleaning up the kitchen.  I recall one of the first times that I cleaned.  I was scrubbing some of the equipment and got chastised by Enzo, one of the two Italian brothers that I worked for.  I was cleaning in the wrong order.  He quickly explained that I needed to clean from the top down.  By cleaning bottom up, I might get things dirty that I’d already cleaned.  This was a simple idea but one that permeated other jobs and situations.  The order of operations became important to me and I never forgot that simple lesson.  Not every situation in life has a concrete order of operations.  Personal preferences affect so many aspects of our lives that there are very few absolutes.

Despite the lack of universal answers, there is a lot to be said for using common sense.  This is an attribute that seems to be dwindling in supply.  Unfortunately in the self-interested world that we have created, it is common to forget that we need each other.  We are so busy pushing our own agendas that we fail to realize that those around us have become deaf to us because we have failed to listen.  The first step to making ourselves understood is first to understand.  Taking the time to think about the needs of another before our own needs are met creates a bond that allows others to support us willfully.  Give that which you want to receive.

By washing your face before your ass, you are preparing the thing that you are going to show to the world.  You take no chances that it will be soiled by your own filthiness.  There are people in this world that you can trust with that but you don’t walk out into the world with it readily displayed.  Be the person that you’d like to meet on the street.  Be the friend, coworker, boyfriend, girlfriend etc. that you wish that you had.  The more that you do this, the more that you’ll find people like that.  The world is waiting for you to lead with your best face.  Very few of us should lead with our ass….

Show your best face today.


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