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Release Gravity

It’s a scary thought if you consider it for a moment. Any of the forces of nature breaking loose from their predictable norms. Sure there is a bit of chaos in our lives at the moment. However if gravity wasn’t a constant or the sun didn’t rise, life would be exponentially more difficult. The consistencies that we experience in life, often hold us together. Their predictability is a comfort that brings understanding to our lives. However, sometimes comfort is a trap that keeps us from higher heights that could be reached.

Obviously I’m not a fan of getting rid of gravity literally. It is an extremely useful force. There are other forces in our lives that hold us down without reason or for poor reasons. Many of these are based on the choices that we make: relationships, habits, mindsets, prejudices, etc. While we do not get a choice about gravity until we’ve left the atmosphere, we can release many of these downward pulling forces. Sometimes all it takes is simple recognition. However that chaos mentioned earlier can cloud our vision from seeing the forces that need removal.

Perhaps today is the day to take stock. How many forces that are holding you in your present station are useful or by your design? Can any be released? This is a personal decision that needs consideration. For me, there is a fear that I’ve had around a certain situation and it’s probably time to let it go. It’s held onto me because I’ve held onto it. Maybe I’ll be like Charlie and his grandfather floating up to a fan that would cut them to shreds. Or maybe I’ll reap all the rewards of flight. Regardless, I’ll never know until I let go.

Fly you fools!



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