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No Meatballs Are Coming!

Not sure if it was a term that was used anywhere else in the world or just in my neighborhood. A slow pitch down the middle of the plate that was primed for being smacked out of the park was called a “meatball”. Definitely not my term but it worked for elementary school kids to get their point across to each other. Sometimes a meatball was an accident and other times it was given. Regardless, you were always thankful for a meatball when it came your way. In the adult world, there aren’t many meatballs served up by the universe. That’s not the way that it works. The universe serves up opportunities, not sure things!

It’s an interesting situation in which we live! On the one hand, we’d love for things to be easy but we inherently know that something won easily is valued little. So we’re caught in some level of false hope. The hope is that big prizes are going to come to us with little effort, the lottery mentality! Unfortunately, it’s a hope that is rarely if ever realized. It is far less likely than the “meatballs” that we were sometimes served up on the playground. So if meatballs aren’t coming, can we embrace the idea that hard fast curving pitches are coming our way? That life is going to challenge us each and every time that we step up to the plate? It’s much better disposition to take because the anticipation of a meatball makes the fastball overwhelming. However, when you’re prepared for that big league style pitch, your possibility to hit it goes up and the meatballs (if they come) are welcome gift.

The opportunities are coming your way but that doesn’t mean that they will be prepackaged perfection! More than likely, they are going to challenge you in some way, shape or form. Be ready for it! Embrace it! Don’t anticipate the meatball because it takes no talent to crush it. You’re also going to feel less satisfaction about it than you will for that amazing pitch that you hit out of the park anyway!

Batter up!


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