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Skip the Details

The band Knapsack’s album “This Conversation Is Ending, Starting Right Now” lingers as one of my favorites. With one of my theme songs “Arrows to the Action” as a major reason for it to stay relevant in my listening preferences, the entire record is strong from start to finish. There is no title track though. In the song, “Skip the Details” Blair Sheehan belts out the album’s title. It’s a phrase that doesn’t need to be said. Just stop talking and walk away. Done!

Often in our desire for significance, we do far more than is necessary. We get into the minutia and draw other people in too. It’s not necessary nor relevant but it makes us feel better because we have reasons. There are reasons why we did this or didn’t do that and we need to explain because otherwise we’re just left with results.

“You’re blowing your chance
You’re slow at the start
Showing your hand, you’re falling apart
And this argument is getting confused”

None of us wants to come up short, especially in areas that matter to us. Although the devil may be hiding in the details, most of the formula for success comes down to big ticket items: showing up consistently, not losing your head, keeping focus on what you want rather than all of the reason that you might not get it. Skip the details until they’re necessary. The key component to a rock solid house is never the curtains! It’s the foundation.

This conversation is ending starting right now, so you can get back to work on that really important thing!


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