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Focus Is a Muscle

There are so many things that need to be exercised these days. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by it all. So many things are coming at us from a variety of directions. Knowing what’s important and what isn’t can get confusing. Even when the priorities are established, our world is one of distraction. It takes a strong focus muscle to get anything done.

The first step to strengthening any muscle is recognizing that it needs work. Assuming that it’s fine because it’s easier to ignore it makes no sense. Any rationalization is more than likely an excuse. “I’m a good multi-tasker” or “I’m just not good at _____.” may make you feel better in the moment but carry little weight overall. The truth is probably closer to “I’ve not practiced focus, especially on things that are difficult or ‘boring.'” Life is not likely to cater to your preferences any time soon. So it is on you to work out this weakness.

Just like any workout program, it takes consistency and overloading. That doesn’t mean create an environment of distraction. Isolation of the focus muscle is key. Take away all of the distractions possible. Focus on the task at hand, perhaps for only a few moments. If that muscle has atrophied to the point of non-existence, it may feel more like rehab that working out. Regardless, do not judge yourself for where you are. Just focus on the progress that you want to make. It may not come as quickly as you’d like either. One of the reasons that most people are not fit is that they want their muscles to develop quickly and they lose focus. Whether real muscles or the focus muscle, these things develop at their own speed. All you can do is the work!



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