When most of us hear the word currency, we automatically think of money.  Money is definitely currency and we deal with it all the time.  Unfortunately at times it seems like we have forgotten that it is not the only currency.  Currency can be just about anything that is exchanged.  Whenever I ask people about currency, they usually start off with money, gold, silver, diamonds, etc.  Eventually as I probe, they come up with less obvious answers like love, respect, kindness, time, etc.

There are many natural laws that govern our World.  Laws like gravity do not waiver regardless of how we may plead with them.  There is a less definite but still applicable law of exchange.  It was much easier to see in the past.  Farmers, hunters, gathers and trappers understood this law very well.  They needed to give an extreme amount of effort before they could take any rewards.  The farmer especially had to put in months of work in order to reap its rewards.  Unfortunately many of us have lost touch with that law of exchange.  The focus has shifted solely to the reward and getting it with the least amount of time and effort possible.

I cannot blame anyone in the modern world for overlooking the simple currencies.  They can be easy to forget about as we rush around trying to fit in all of the different parts of our lives.  As the world becomes more connected, these currencies become more important.  I don’t want to live in a world where the currencies of anger, hatred, distrust, skepticism, greed, etc. are exchanged regularly. The more often they are circulated, the more people that they touch.  So whenever possible, take them out of circulation by letting them go. Then put the truly valuable currencies out into the world.

This is not a simple task because we do not always get back in equal measure to our initial investment. It’s easy for me to tell anyone to persist despite the lack of reward. At times, it will feel downright foolish. However, I am going to implore that you do not give up on mining the currencies that truly matter. Your windfall is coming. It just might not be what you expected!

Time to cash in!


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