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Is The Cave Necessary?

As I’ve been spending a lot of time on a stationary bike recently, my movie watching has shot up dramatically. At the moment, I’m delving back into older films. Today I started the original Iron Man movie that began the MCU. Tony Stark begins his journey as a superhero in a cave with a man named Yinsen. Up until that point, he is completely self-interested and almost gluttonous in his life’s pursuits. In the cave, he goes through a transition where he must consider his mortality, legacy and future. Physically weakened and with limited resources, he is able to devise a plan for his own escape and embarks on a path toward a more selfless role. He went into the cave as one man and came out another. Although his abilities had not changed, his perspective and his decisions had. DRASTICALLY!

Each of us has certain abilities. At times we do not get the absolute best out of our potential. We know that we “should” do one thing or another but often we don’t. That is UNTIL we hit a “cave” moment where we are forced to look at ourselves from the outside and emerge different. It’s not easy because we usually don’t go into the cave by choice. An event usually puts us there. We always had the ability to change but comfort in our present situation usually stops us. The cave is a catalyst because our comfort is stripped from us. Through the discomfort we feel compelled into action but it could have been done at any time.

The cave isn’t usually necessary but often it is the thing that truly works. Human beings are odd creatures who find all manner of reasons to do the wrong things but often must be forced into doing the right. Circumstances are a great motivator but wouldn’t you rather do something because you want to and not because you have to? All it truly takes is a change in perspective and decisions. You can save yourself before you’re truly in peril!

Be your own superhero today!


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