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The MOM of Success

Although I’m sure that I don’t speak for everyone, most people love their mom. It’s inherent to the relationship with the person who brought you into this world. Even when that connection is strained, there is almost always a recognition of her importance. For around nine months, she gave you a beginning. Then she kept you alive for a number of years before you were able to do certain things on your own. The more that you progressed, the less that you felt like you needed her but she was always in the background. None of us would be anywhere without moms.

In the acquisition of any level of success, the mom that is most important is MOMentum! Anyone can do something for a day or intermittently. It’s the consistency of action that truly carries one through those beginning stages toward results. Unfortunately, people often hope that some mom type of figure is going to cradle them through the tough times to the other side of what Seth Godin calls “the dip.” This unrealistic view is almost the exact opposite of the truth. The person who is craving the success needs to recognize that they are the “mom”, giving life to a dream, keeping it alive and setting it up for success and sustainability. Being a mom and building momentum can both feel like thankless jobs at times. The key is to look for the instances where progress can be seen. Much like a small child, the milestones are great to see but mostly it’s feeding and dealing with crap! Monumental growth doesn’t usually happen overnight, no matter how much we may desire it.

So if you have a goal, it is your turn to be “the mom” in order to build momentum. It will be more difficult than you ever anticipate that it could be. However if you are willing to put in the time and effort, it is possible that you’ll be able to breed life into the dream that you have. Mom’s not coming to save you. This one is on you!

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