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Non-League Football

Regardless of what many fans may think, the Premier League is not the only league. It is merely the pinnacle of an extremely large football pyramid. Some may pay attention to the Championship, League 1 or even League 2 but the number of fans also forms a type of inverted pyramid. Millions watch the Premiership, hundreds of thousands watch the Championship, and so on and so forth. Below the fourth level of the pyramid exists “non-league football.” Some the teams are professional. Others are not. Regardless of the level on the pyramid, the wages paid or not, the number of fans or size of the ground, it all matters.

Photo by James Richardson.

Whether Dagenham & Redbridge FC, Peterborough Sports FC, Billericay Town or Wrexham A.F.C.; there are fans out there who wear their jerseys, sing their songs and possibly even tattoo their crest on their body. Fans that the players know by name because the club is a community and not a commodity. The matches are not televised and the players don’t make millions of pounds per year but that’s actually the beauty of it. There is not much more on the line than the joy of the game for the both the players and the fans. It’s been the norm and hopefully it will continue on for a long time to come.

Most of us are playing “non-league football.” We’re not making big money or have adoring fans around the world. Our lives play out in front of small crowds that know and care about us. The God’s honest truth is that we’re probably not going to make it to the top leagues and that’s ok. Finding joy battling in the muck with friends. Giving our all to a performance that will only matter to the people who were there to witness it holds its own form of glory.

Regardless of what league you are in, what you are doing matters. So be sure to give it all that you have. No one remembers the players who shrivel from the challenge. However they will always sing the praises of the ones who gave every last bit of themselves. The fact that you are “non-league” doesn’t matter. You only need to level up on the inside and show what you’ve got.

Give it all that you have!


5 thoughts on “Non-League Football”

    1. Thanks for the comment. I had asked someone recently who do you support if you live in Kent? I never got an answer. Thoughts?

  1. Well I’m a Birmingham fan so may not be the best to answer!! Gillingham are the only football league side. We do however have a rich fare of National League/ isthmian league teams all with decent grounds and followings.. Bromley/ Maidstone/ Dover/ Ebbsfleet/ Dartford/ Tonbridge Angels/ – have a look at the games I’ve been to this season on my blog and you can see how alive the game is in Kent.

    1. When I get a free minute, I’ll take a look at your blog. I’d love to either make a documentary or TV type show traveling around visiting lower league clubs. I’ve been a POSH fan for years. I’d like to give the American public a good education on teams below the pinnacle of the pyramid. Lots of stories to be told there.

      1. Thanks Peter. My blog pages cover the games. Have you read Dave Roberts’ book on following Bromley Town? “Home and Away” you’d like that. I’ve been to London Road once – it’s a decent ground.

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