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Who Is Carrying You?

This is one of my favorite photos from the past. There are so many reasons why but I’m going to point out one of the less obvious. My daughter is in the backpack and it may look like I’m carrying her but she is actually carrying me. The stories of mothers lifting cars to save their children are completely accurate. That is not what is happening in this photo. My young daughter is not pumping adrenaline to stave off disaster. She is very figuratively carrying me through a difficult time. Much like the mothers lifting the cars, I had more ability than I thought possible around that time. Working three jobs, entertaining two young children and anything else that was thrown in my direction at the moment. It might have seemed like a lot if it were not for her carrying me.

We all go through times where our strength is not enough. We need a bit more and it often comes from our reason for doing anything. The people that we have in our lives carry us through those times. Often they do it without knowing. My daughter could not walk nor talk at the time but she was the strength that I needed.

So who is carrying you? Perhaps, you’re self-sufficient! That’s completely fine. For some reason, it comforts me to think back to the days when knights would dedicate their feats in battle to a maiden far away. The reasons behind the things that we do matter. It helps even more when the people who matter are the reason that we do things. It carries us through when we might not have had enough strength to “go it alone”!

Climb on!


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