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The Foolishness That It Takes

Most people do not aim to look foolish. Quite the opposite! The average person does their best to avoid looking foolish. Societal norms, fashion trends, rules of thumb and so many other mechanisms are in place to keep us from looking like a fool. The problem is that sometimes, being a fool is exactly what it takes.

High School Soccer from Senior Year
It may look foolish now but at the time, we LOVED these jerseys!

All of those things that keep us from looking foolish, make us ordinary. Therefore, in order to do anything extraordinary, one must chance looking foolish. That little bit of extra effort, creativity, love, investment, etc. takes us outside of the norm. Any normal person wouldn’t do that. But that’s exactly the point! The results that make us stand out are linked directly to the attempts that might make us look foolish if we fail. So why chance it?

It’s completely possible to live a life of relative happiness without ever chancing playing the fool. Calculated bets surround us all and sanity can be claimed at every corner. For some reason, the risk of playing the fool seems to be a requirement.

Only fools rush in!


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