Take Care of Themselves

As a father of two teenagers, I recognize that I have a limited window in which I am still their primary caretaker. At a certain point, they will take care of themselves. It’s the eventuality that parents tend to both desire and lament. The children that they have raised since birth, no longer need them. The work has already been done. Now the results are all that are left!

The same is true for almost any goal. The life of it begins with control, care and influence but eventually we have to let go! Our actions are all that we can take care of. They are the children of our life. At a certain point, the results take care of themselves. We’d all love to believe that we can WILL a result to fruition. The only thing that we do is care for the actions that lead to results.

If you want your goals to mature, you need to take care of your actions consistently. Otherwise they will be hanging around in your basement, depleting your resources and shadows of lost potential.


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