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Most Likely, You’re the Only One Keeping Score

Today we have more data than we ever have before. The number of hours on your cellphone is measurable. Your number of followers on Instagram. The amount of birthday wishes that you got on Facebook. And the number of reads that I get for this blogpost. All of these things can be quantified. The question becomes whether or not it matters. Whether we want more or less of something, does the number itself matter?

The numbers only matter when they align with who you want to be as a person. So make sure that you’re measuring the right thing. If you value the impact that you have on people’s lives, don’t judge yourself by your bank statements. Set up the game in a way that you can win. No one is keeping score except for you. Your parents probably love you no matter how many followers you have. That adversary will never respect you no matter how much money you have. So set up a game that aligns with your vision for yourself. Just because likes, follows, money and stocks are common measurements, doesn’t mean that you have to use them.

There is so much more to this world! You can use laughs, thank you’s, hugs (after Covid), smiles, replies, questions or any other metric you choose. The common currency is just that, common! People who are doing exceptional things are most likely not using the common metrics.

If no one else is keeping score for you, how are you keeping score for yourself? It’s your game whether you realize it or not. So play it based on your rules, not the ones that are popular right now. Twenty years ago followers didn’t exist the way they do now and in another twenty, they’ll probably be gone. However you will persist. How will you keep score then? Maybe the time to decide that is now, so you’ll be way ahead.

Run up the score in your game!


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