Prevent and Vent

recycleBob was a guy that I worked with at the garbage company during my summer vacation from college.  He was a driver on one of the recycling trucks.  Funny as hell!  His stories were legendary and wit was razor sharp.  After working for the company for at least 15 years, he could tell you everything that was wrong with it.  He knew why the routes didn’t work, how the company had been stupid to buy this new brand of truck and every other problem that the company had.  He loved to vent.  The problem was that Bob couldn’t prevent.  He couldn’t let the bosses know about the challenges before they came up.  His ability was after the fact and didn’t carry much value.  I’m not sure if Bob retired yet or if he’s still there but wherever he is, I’m sure he’s still venting about something.

The ability to put PRE in front of something is an invaluable skill.  Before is an investment that usually pays off.  If you have things that you tend to vent about, why not put a little extra time in to prevent them from happening.  Or are you addicted to the vent?  A venting session from time to time is normal, justified and probably even recommended.  It’s just not going to move you forward.

One last note on Bob, he would collect soda cans and other items that had contests on them.  Because of his job, he was able to get a ridiculous amount of “points” for each competition.  Regardless of how many prizes he won, he was always pissed that he didn’t get something better.

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