Traffic Light Philosophy

trafficsignalTraffic lights are used to help keep us safe and even though we heed them, we tend not to give them much thought.  I chose a black and white photo to keep people honest.  The yellow is in the middle but which color is on bottom and which is on top?  You’ve got a 50/50 chance.  Check below……



The red light is on top and green is on the bottom.  Did you know for sure?  Or did you need to think about it?  It’s not something most people think about very often.  But I want you to remember it from here on out.

Green is on the bottom because it means “go”.  As you raise your eyes upward, it’s the first one that you see.  Go should be your default stance in life.  Action is the thing that moves you forward.  Go is the base level.

Yellow is a warning that stop is coming.  It may mean slow down, speed up or slam on the brakes.  Regardless, it’s not a natural state to live in all the time.  Yellows are instants that are important information but their meaning is subjective to the situation.  Don’t get stuck in the yellow.

Red is on the top and it means stop.  Are you done moving forward?  Probably not, it’s time to take stock or decide where to go next.  Lights very rarely stay red forever.  So be ready for your next opportunity to GO!

Getting going today!


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