If it ain’t broke…

If it ain’t broke, wait until it is and then try to fix it or reminisce about how good it used to be.  Now I know that this isn’t the way that the old adage goes but it seems to be the thought process of today.  There are so many services and institutions that dig their heals in against change.  This reluctance is all about fear.  Letting go of the old is much like letting go of a trapeze.  It is not the other bar that causes the fear.  It is the empty space in between.  So why let go of this perfectly functional bar?

For some there will never be a good enough reason to let go.  The risk is just too great.  But what about for you?  You know that the bar that you’re on is going fall or may even be on fire.  Letting go is the only safe bet.  You need to make progress or take the fall.  But you’re hedging.  Why?  Because it’s not broken yet and you’re hoping that it won’t.

It’s all in the story that you’re telling yourself inside of your head.  The story is broken.  You’ve been served a fear sandwich that you’re unwilling to eat.  Don’t tell yourself the story that you want to hear.  Tell yourself the story that is true.  The one that will get you to move forward.  Write the script, don’t wait for it to be written for you.

You know who you are!


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