Drying Cement

cementWe’ve all seen it before, the taped off section of new poured and form cement.  For many young people the temptation is overwhelming and they just have to scratch their name, a smiley face or the ever popular “f–k” to last for all eternity.  These alterations are intentional regardless of how annoying they may be to the cement artisans.  Then there are also the unintentional imprints that happen due to a miscalculation on drying time or caution tape that blows away.  Regardless, the “imperfections” sidewalks are numerous, widespread and relatively permanent.

As I was running today, I went slightly off route and encountered a sidewalk that felt like a choppy lake in a windstorm under my feet.  It just so happened that I was walking at that moment because my fitness isn’t up to snuff yet.  It instantly brought me to think of how I am much like that cement.  My habits and thoughts are like moist cement.  Some of them are seemingly permanent.  Many are deliberate.  Many more are due to carelessness and a lack of forethought.  I’m not fully dried because that only happens at death.  The truth is that I’ve got many things in my cement that make me say, “f–k!”

The best thing about my little sidewalk block is that I am the artisan and I’m the one standing guard.   Anything that ends up there permanently is through my design or indifference.  So as I look literally and figuratively into the mirror, I can be satisfied or dissatisfied with my work but it is up to me to decide to change it.  I’m not dry yet.

Be an artisan of your life today.


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