The Ten Minute Snow Shovel

This morning on my way to the gym, I was delayed for about two minutes.  Along my route, I was stopped because a person was backing out of their driveway or at least trying to.  This person had decided that the ten minutes that it would take to shovel their driveway was too much time to invest.  So they tried hit the gas and muscle their way through the eight or more inches of snow in their driveway.  I had to stop because although it looked hopeless, if they broke through as I was passing their problem could become my problem.

It’s not an uncommon story.  In fact it is one that I have lived out myself many times.  We become too lazy or indifferent to do things as we know they should be done.  Then we spend longer trying to fix the mess that we’ve made from short cut.  Are the shortcuts ever really worth it?


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