You Won Already!

It can be difficult to be positive at times when it seems like the world is against you.  Each and every one of us has had a day that brings us to the point of cracking.  When you have a moment like that, do you best to take a breath and remember that you won already!

  • This blog is only published online which means you have internet access.  This puts you ahead of a large portion of the world.
  • You’re able to read the words and understand them which means that you’ve had some form of education.  This again is a win regardless of how much you may have disliked school.
  • You’re reading this in English which means you are either a native English speaker (congrats US, Australia, England are all pretty great places) or you’re multi-lingual which means you’ve got some advantage over most people in the US 🙂
  • You weren’t born hundreds of years ago when survival for humans was much more difficult.  Hunting is most likely a leisure activity or something you protest, not a means of survival.
  • You’re alive and picked up all of the things above which require as least a few years.  The life expectancy of a mosquito is around 50 days for females and 10 days for males.  So if you’re a male, you’ve got one fifth the life expectancy.  Or worse if you’re a male praying mantis, the females might try to EAT you.  What a horrible way to end a date!
  • Of the huge number of organisms in the world, you inherited so many advantages it’s amazing!

So with all of these advantages that you have, don’t let a poor experience with another overly advantaged creature ruin your day (less than 1 one hundred of your life).  Perspective is an amazing thing.  Keep your life in one that helps you, not hurts you!  Have a great small percentage of your life!

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