3 Concepts Top Youth Sport Leaders Master


1103424851-01486e1e2d9de010d7448aa41af89d3bDirecting a youth sport organization has the opportunity to be a rewarding experience in which your thoughts, processes, and philosophies are introduced to enrich the lives of the athletes, families, coaches, and all other followers connected to the group. The privilege granted to be a resource to many while controlling the final decision on significant organizational matters is a desirable leadership position.

But in our world of youth sports today, when does reality set in?

  • Following a significant loss to another local organization?
  • When a coach questions your methods?
  • When a parent questions your processes?
  • When families no longer come back to participate in your organization?
  • After your work week lengthens from 40 hours to 90 hours?

Is it possible to create an environment on and off the field that indoctrinates families to become repeat customers and trust the decision makers through thick and thin?

Do you have the fortitude to stand by your ideas…

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