Yesterday Man

Yesterday man was strong, intelligent and lauded.  He could have run for days, lifted 100 pounds or more over his head and knew better than most of his contemporaries.  The unfortunate thing is that he has lost all of his powers.  In the present day, Yesterday Man is just a shadow, a myth that gets brought up from time to time.  All that he left behind was Today Man.

Today man looks a lot like Yesterday Man but not as swift and sure.  He has to grind out the problems of the day in order to build on Yesterday Man’s legacy.  The choices he makes are difficult and he cannot even be sure if they’re right.  If only Yesterday Man were here!

Today will quickly become your yesterday and that process never stops.  Although your today was built on the foundation of your yesterdays, today is the only day that you have.  Make it great, be that superhero that you’ll want to talk about in 10 years.

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