In Search of Better

mirrorIn my dating years, the term “trading up” was used quite often.  I’m not sure if it is still common but it basically meant finding a new and better boy/girlfriend before breaking up with your present one.  It was a regular practice that safeguarded the person against the uncertainty of being single while creating the possibility of a “better” relationship.  Trading up is not an unreasonable reaction for someone who is searching for better.

In many areas, the idea of better is completely subjective.  Partners, jobs, towns, sports and so many other things can be held up in comparison with “better” only being true in the eye of each individual beholder.  Despite this subjectivity, we use these comparisons to find the people, things and situations that will make us happy.  The search for better is a natural human inclination.  All of our senses are keenly attuned to find the subtle differences that make someone or something better.

The most difficult place to look is often the place that we are most familiar.  In the trading up of the dating world, I wonder how often the thought has arisen “what if I were better?”  It is easy to be self-righteous and assume that we are faultless.  Unfortunately we all know that it isn’t true.  So wouldn’t it serve us all, if the search was not for a better partner or place but a search for a better self?  Then we might live up rather than trade up.  There would be no deception and no fear of being single because we would know our value from staring it in the mirror each day.

Perhaps you do need to move on to a new person, place or situation but remember that the one thing that you will always carry with you is YOU!  So be prepared in that better situation to be better yourself.

Be better today!


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