RightNowA few years back, I had a student that was so indifferent toward his assignments that it seemed as though he was intent on wasting the moments of his life.  It is not that I believe that my subject matter is the most interesting nor the most important.  However the fervor and reckless abandon with which he wasted time made me coin the word “Anti-Now”.  His attitude seemed to go beyond procrastination into a space of total indifference toward himself.

Productivity is a sliding scale and we can never truly live each moment to the fullest.  Saving the planet while making a billion dollars and loving all of our most important people equally at the same time just seems too tall an order even for Superman.  However I do believe that it is important to make the realization that now is truly all that we have.  The past is now a memory and the future is not guaranteed.  So now is what our entire life is made of.

There is a definite balance to be struck between enjoying the moment and preparing for that uncertain future.  The only thing that I believe truly needs to be avoided is the position of being anti-now.  Taking the moment and throwing it away on purpose out of spite or indifference seems unthinkable at my age.  I suppose to a certain extent this comes with age.  At some point I hope that my former student realizes that he is running out of NOWS.  Then perhaps he will spend them with intention.

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