The Nudge and the Push

Recently I got into a conversation with someone about some of the things that I do on a regular basis: coaching, teaching, parenting and writing this blog.  All of my normal activities made perfect sense to them other than the writing of the blog.  Why write a blog at all?  Who is it for?   Here are the answers.

I write this blog for several reasons but they can all be broken down to the Nudge and the Push.  As I write I am trying to nudge someone closer to the best version of them.  In small incremental ways, I want to help someone change from who they are to who they want to be.  There is no particular order to the nudges.  They come to me organically usually in the morning and usually while I’m working out.  My hope is that the nudges add up to something as they accumulate.  While I am hoping for the nudge, I’m really aiming for the push.  My aim is to get someone to make a big change in their life that just hasn’t happened yet for one reason or another.  I’m aiming to push them into the fast lane where they cover some real ground rather than stuck in the standstill traffic of everyday.

The who is much easier.  I write this blog mainly for myself.  My nudges and pushes are principally aimed at me.  I want to get myself closer to my best self.  The only reason that I put it out into the world is that I’ve found over the years that lots of people are fighting the same battle that I am.  So my struggle is on display in the hopes that some other struggler will be nudged or pushed.

If you read this blog regularly, I thank you.  Helping people is who I am at the core and if I have helped you at all, then I am grateful for that opportunity.


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