The 12-Hour Pat on the Back

Almost nothing lasts forever. We as humans like to believe in forever but it is a concept that may truly be beyond us.  Since our world and our lives are inherently temporary, perhaps we need to embrace it.  Maybe the recognition that the good things in our lives won’t last forever could actually make us appreciate them that much more.  The ups and downs, the ebbs and flows are the natural order of the world.  Heartbeats, sleep, tides and the seasons are all natural cyclical events that add balance to the world.

With my players I often talk about the 12-hour pat on the back. After a winning effort, there is usually a very short window for celebration before it is necessary to look forward to the next challenge.  I tell them to feel good about their accomplishment but they only have about twelve hours to enjoy it.  It is not meant to rob them of the joy but rather to embrace it for the short time that it should truly exist in the forefront.  Breathing artificial life into something that was always meant to be temporary can devalue the experience.  It is the experience and the feeling associated with it that carries the most value.

After the season, they can look back and take stock of all they have done. With any luck they will have several of those moments to remember.  Those memories are about as close as we get to forever.

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