Development and Maintenance are SEXY

Sexy is a favorite word for a friend and colleague of mine. At times I feel like his use of the word is misplaced, like when Paris Hilton used to describe everything as “HOT”. In the end I know why words like HOT, COOL and SEXY become the go to words for some people. Even if they are slightly misused, they get the reaction of attention. So I am going for the attention grab but I’m going to take it a step further and argue that Development and Maintenance are SEXY!

First the attention grab, what are the things out there that warrant the word SEXY? Maybe your favorite model in a swimsuit is SEXY. Your favorite sports car could be SEXY. A move or a wonder striker by your favorite player could warrant the word SEXY. All of these and other things could be considered SEXY. And in our Instagram and Youtube World it is easy to pull up SEXY and admire it almost anywhere you want. You can share SEXY in an instant. Friends and possibly family will get a chance to see that SEXY thing on your computer, phone or tablet. We know SEXY when we see it. Or do we?

Sexy isn’t an accident. It doesn’t happen all on its own. It takes time. That photo or video clip doesn’t show where sexy comes from. It only shows the end product. That model went through years of development where she didn’t look like she does now. Then the maintenance involved in keeping a body firm, hair flowing, and other hair tweased or waxed away. The sports car took several engineers countless hours to develop that particular model, not to mention its predecessors. Then the factory workers had to sweat and toil to put the plans into physical form, pouring hot metal into pieces to be assembled with plastic and fabric. The player spent days or months by himself with the ball. The end of practice for most was the beginning of practice for him. The idea, that someone else might be doing more than he was, kept him on the field, always sharpening the saw.

Development and maintenance are sexy because they are the start. They are the streams that eventually flow into Niagara Falls. No one wants to see the streams but you would notice if the streams weren’t there because the falls would dry up. The root may be under ground and dirty but the fruit is nothing without the root. So I implore you to be sexy, so that you can eventually be SEXY.

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