The Rocky Steps (Part 2)

One of the things that I enjoyed most about the run up to the Rocky Steps was seeing the other people along the route to and from the steps. I felt a slight kinship to these strangers. As we passed each other, some nodded or said hello while others ignored my existence. They were all doing the same thing that I was and it was inspiring to share the path with them even though we were on our own separate journey.

The nods and recognition were nice but I don’t think I really needed them. The main thing for me was seeing the other people on the path. It reminded me of my own struggle and that my journey had purpose. I was not a lone fool out in the cold running to a landmark. I was part of something a little bigger. Not a fraternity of dreamers but a fraternity of doers. We were all working separately but knowing they were out there made me feel that much better about my struggle.

You’re never alone in your struggles. Even if you can’t see the other people on the same path as you, they are out there. Take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. The human race is one that we run together. It may seem like we are in competition but the other people on the path are not your enemy. They are your reminder that you’re not alone and you need to keep going.

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