Why I’m Nothing Without My Wife

It’s often the things that we can’t see that have the most power.  Gravity has no color.  The wind hides from our eyes.  These invisible forces influence us in ways that we may take for granted or only give a fleeting thought.  Imagine your life without them and you get a picture of what chaos would look like.  These invisible forces hold our world together like my wife does for me.

The bond between my wife and I is invisible.  However it has had a profound effect on my life and who I have become.  It is like the acrobats in the Cirque de Soleil who use each other as ladders to climb to higher and higher heights.  All that I have achieved is because of my wife.  Each time that I smile it is in at least small part because of my wife.  I get over sad times faster because of her influence.  She gives me strength and masks my weaknesses by who she is.

As I sit here ten years removed from our vows, I think of the promises that we made to each other.  Why would I not make those promises for what I have received in return?  I got the deal of a lifetime.  I love you Beck!

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